Historical Journey

Zion United Church of Christ, located in South Bend, Indiana began its ministry in 1888 led by the Rev. Paul Grob of Woodland, Indiana. The organizers chose the name "Deutsche Evangelical Zion Kirche" for the congregation's name and ultimately chose a location on the east side of the St. Joseph River where the church remains today. Zion's current sanctuary was built in 1888 and has been updated over the years to meet the needs of its worshiping congregation and the local community.

Ties to Germany

In November of 2001, ties to our German heritage and the community of Arzberg, Germany (click link for IUSB paper on Arzberg & South Bend ties) were renewed through a November 11 visit by descendants of Zion's founding families and Erwin Scherer (an administrator and archivist of the Lutheran Evangelical Church in Arzberg) during our 9:00 a.m. worship service. Some Zion members traveled to Arzberg in the summer of 2002 to continue this renewed contact. The links to residents of Arzberg have continued with their visits to the United States.